Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The meaning of hope…

Through this empty time of my faith journey, I’ve been looking for anything to make me feel better. At the core of that, I’ve really been looking for anything that can make sense of the suffering of today’s world (right here in Lexington, no less) and the triumph of the cross over everything for all time. God’s spirit has drawn near to me at times offering comfort and at other times leaving me with a gaping silence. Such is the way of growing. But one missionary scholar and guide that Geoff and I repeatedly turn to is David Bosch. We finished one of his book, A Spirituality of the Road, with Lisa and Clinton last weekend. From it I received a crack of light and a bit of understanding that helps reconcile big gaps in my tenuous faith. So I’ll share this small piece:

“Christian hope does not spring from despair about the present time, however; it is based on that which is already a reality. It is both possession and yearning, repose and activity, arrival and journey. Hope is the connecting line between the already and the not yet, between the penultimate and the ultimate. We dream about the future by working to make it come true.”

“We dream about the future by working to make it come true.” Maybe that’s enough to go on for today.

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jkoch said...


thanks for sharing this message of hope. thanks for being vulnerable. i thank god for you and how you help me to know him better.