Friday, September 15, 2006

Our identity in a life of mission with God

From the text “Constants in Context, A Theology of Mission for Today” by Bevans and Schroeder, I found timely insight and meaning for our community as we come together around new liturgy and worship as one group from two this Sunday. Not only that, it never hurts to be reminded of the missionary nature of the church. In this excerpt, they quote from a document from the Orthodox Church called “Go Forth in Peace.”

Bevans and Schroeder write:
“This identity as members of Christ’s body and sharers in God’s communal life is renewed and re-created as the church celebrates the liturgy, particularly as it celebrates the Eucharist. As Christians participate in the communal prayer, singing and ritual action, and as they experience their unity through the communion of the one bread and one cup, they are caught up anew in God’s life and life giving. As the document “Go Forth in Peace” puts it:

‘The liturgy is not an escape from life, but a continuous transformation of life according to the prototype of Jesus Christ, through the power of the Spirit…The liturgy does not end when the Eucharistic assembly disperses. “Let us go forth in peace”; the dismissal is a sending off of every believer to mission in the world where he or she lives and works, and of the whole community into the world, to witness by what they are that the kingdom is coming.’”

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robbie said...

Thanks Sherry for this great thought. It reminds of something Geoff said at men's group: he talked about taking Isaac around to help a refugee family move, and how for Isaac this became a custom or tradition as what it meant to be Jesus followers. We talked about how liturgy practices like communion also become customary, but the two together -- service/mission and communion -- really make the best sense when they are held together as inseperable.