Tuesday, January 25, 2005

branding the product, naming it and claiming it

Steve has offered the following as a way to navigate the various expressions of the emerging church....
If I were to sketch a range of distinct emergent tribes, I would note...
Evangelicalism with a navel piercing - This tribe gathers to sing and preach. The theology seems familiar, even when done with candles, a trendy piercing, loud bass beat or bleached hair.
Art collective – tends to be visible monthly, around highly creative worship. The use of video, contemporary music and hip graphics ensure a service of the cool. Followed by the requisite pub visit.
Nu monastic – a recent innovation. It needs a place, whether cafĂ©, tea rooms, free wi-fi or art gallery. From an incarnational location, emerges a life that embraces regular prayer ritual, committed relationships and creativity. Can be very expensive.
House church – very difficult to see publicly. More often found in a lounge, over food, desperately seeking community. Structure and leadership are dirty words that are replaced by vulnerability, relationship and the Kingdom of God.

where do we fit? (do we need to fit?) It seems to me we are a mixed bag depending on when/where one encounters us....high st., 3rd st, Jessamine Co., magees, tolly-ho, moveable feast, refugee settlement, phoenix park, rand, golf view....

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