Thursday, April 21, 2005

WALP bloggers

some places to hear about the conference.....

sounds like a wonderful always, the highlights happen in the gaps between the formal gatherings. i didn't officially attend this conference. we weren't going to be able to fit it into the work (jobs that pay) and care-for-our- dear-progeny schedule. we had some beloved companions stay with us and attend and we made a couple of trips out to campus - i heard maggi dawn's talk. i'm a bit bummed this morning thinking about all the great conversations i missed out on. woe is me...poor little missionary ;)
...last nights 'international emergent' bit would have been very helpful. the last session today will broaden the scope to involve our family in africa and hopefully press the social justice activism that is clearly the most yahweh-honoring type of worship (micah 6).

the highlight for me this week as an almost-attendee (apart from catching up with Laci, Doug, the Samsons, Troy, et al.) was a lunch Communality hosted on tuesday. it was a delight to look across the room and see our various friends (old and new) meeting and sharing bread and stories. thanks to all who made the time to be with us. i'll post more later this week about some of the things that have animated our imaginations concerning church/emergent/mission/scripture.

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