Sunday, March 26, 2006

three springs farm

six of us journeyed out to dave and arwen's farm on saturday morning. we piled into CG's van for the trip out to carlisle and we enjoyed working our bodies with and against the earth to dig a trench and lay the foundation for a path.

we have been relishing the chance to get to know a local farming family and participate in Community Supported Agriculture. we are experiencing that particular grace that comes along when a handful of people seek to embody a theoretical ideal. somehow the gap between what is and what should be closed a little with each shovel load of soil. here are some pictures of the work. the growing season is coming and we're excited to think about the snow flurries giving way to sun kissed tomatoes.


lisa g said...

I reluctantly came on Saturday. I wanted a lazy day off, not a hard working one. Surprisingly though, I really enjoyed myself.

I don't think we feel as convicted about eating organic food as many others do, but after spending a day with Dave, Arwen and Phoebe, it definitely makes supporting them something we would prioritize.

I made a kale quiche for CG and I last night with the eggs and kale we had received as thanks for our work. It was yummy. And neat to eat food from a farm we worked on.

Blue November said...

Yes, quite a spectaular quiche it was... but alas, I just finished the leftovers for lunch!

ryan k said...

I liked being out on Saturday at three springs farm because theology is soooo boring. I savored the chance to be church in this setting.