Friday, January 05, 2007

a company of christians

“The man of pseudo faith will fight for his verbal creed but refuse flatly to allow himself to get into a predicament where his future must depend upon that creed being true. He always provides himself with secondary ways of escape so he will have a way out if the roof caves in. What we need very badly these days is a company of Christians who are prepared to trust God as completely now as they know they must do at the last day.”

This quote begins a book by Randy Alcorn called "Money Posessions and Eternity." One of our dear friends and supporters highly recommended it and I have started it with trepidation of what God might ask of me and fear of a much-needed and imminent conversion in this area of my life. The author suggests reading it with lots of prayer.



Anonymous said...

These words are an encouragement because I find company in them. However, it is still hard to keep making this kind of effort when outward events collide and mix with inward doubts, questions, and shortcomings. But thanks for sharing these very eloquent words......they are a light and life in a challenging time.

lisa said...

Sherry, I know Randy personally. And everything he says, he lives out. When you bear that in mind, his writings are even more striking.