Tuesday, December 18, 2007


As we approach the end of the advent season I am pleased to announce that One Horizon Foundation, in cooperation with Communality, has begun a matching grant program designed to support the amazing work in micro-lending that is being done by Kiva. Kiva is an organization that has been much in the news lately for their remarkable work, and we are happy to announce this matching grant program on the Ashram in an effort to encourage even more people to get involved with Kiva. If you feel so led please include links to this page on your blog or feel free to republish this post on your own blog. We want to get the word out so that we can get more people involved and by so doing invest the $3000 in matching grant money that we have. The directions for becoming a part of the OHF matching grant program are below. Please feel free to e-mail me (at the address below or bkenney@ohusa.org) with any questions that you might have, or feel free to go to the One Horizon Foundation website if you want to find out more about our wider work (http://www.onehorizon.org/). Thanks for considering becoming a partner!

Kiva/OHF matching grant program:

1. Person (any person) chooses to invest money in Kiva entrepreneur.

2. Lender establishes a profile on the Kiva site, lends money ($25) to an entrepreneur of their choice, and receives an e-mail confirmation of loan from Kiva. Follow the weblink below to the first entrepreneur to receive OHF matching grant funds, or simply Google Kiva.


3. When you make a Kiva loan you will get an e-mail confirmation of the loan from Kiva. The next step is for the Lender to forward the e-mail of the loan confirmation and amount to OHF. Any questions or concerns that a potential lender has should also be forwarded to this address. The address is as follows:


4. OHF then matches the loan amount, up to $100, by lending to the same entrepreneur or someone in the same general region if loan amount for the entrepreneur has already been funded. Kiva currently allows you to lend a maximum of $25 to a particular entrepreneur, so by the guidelines of the OHF program you can lend to up to four different entrepreneurs ($100). The OHF matching grant program has a ceiling of $3,000 for the current fiscal year and will conclude at such time as this ceiling is achieved for 2007-08 (A grand total of $6000 would then be invested!). Our desire is to make this a yearly program and build it up over an extended period of time; if we are able to achieve this goal then the OHF/lender match program to Kiva could become a substantial pool of capital over a period of years. Our first concrete goal will be funding the initial $3,000 matching grant.

5. OHF matching grant funds will remain permanently invested in Kiva entrepreneurs. When/if loan is successfully repaid OHF money will be reinvested in another Kiva entrepreneur and will remain a permanent legacy of the original lender. The original lender may choose to withdraw his/her money on completion of the loan term or reinvest it. Withdrawal of money by original lender (upon successful loan repayment) will have no impact on OHF matching grant funds.


Dana said...

Hey. I understand you guys are located in Lexington, KY I think. i was wondering where you all met and what exactly you guys do. I found your link on the New Monasticism website. Thanks.

Beth said...

This is great. I've already been lending to Kiva for awhile so I feel like I should let other people use this as a motivation to get involved, but I will definitely post it on our blog up here in MA.

geoff and sherry said...

hi dana.,
we are indeed in lexington, ky. we meet all over the place at many different times...we do all kinds of things...bit vague, i know. we have our larger, weekly gathering in Lexington at 112 west high st, on sunday's at 5pm - but NOT this week. please feel free to email us and i can give you our christmas eve gathering details and answer any more questions (geoffandsherry[at]yahoo.com). glad you visited the ashram...hope to talk with you soon,
geoff and sherry