Monday, March 24, 2008

a School for Conversion


we are excited to be hosting our third School for Conversion.  You can register here if you are willing and able to come.

here's the scoop: 

April 11th-13th, Lexington, Kentucky.  eating, serving, learning, reflecting, listening, conversing, being converted.


The House Famous said...

The school of conversion at Communality is definitely worth the trip! We came last year all the way from Kingston, Ontario and learned enough to start a community of our own.

Ambassador of Yahweh said...

Maybe this question doesn't quite fit as a reply to this post, but I'll ask it anyway.

What would you say is Communality's theology of conversion to Christianity?

geoff and sherry said...

thanks 'the house famous'...we loved your visit and give thanks to the Creator for your community.

'ambassador of yahweh', i would say we have no official 'theology of conversion.' different people who belong to communality would argue for various understandings of conversion. we are sharing life in Jesus with different opinions.