Friday, May 09, 2008

beauty distorted

joey koskie passed this link astonishing clip of how dehumanizing advertising can be.  we have been spending much time in our weekly gatherings celebrating human personhood - affirming the fact that we believe in the bodily resurrection and that our bodies are not 'baggage' dragged behind a soul.  our bodies are essential to who we are and who we will become.  therefore, ugliness, beauty, clean, and unclean are all important categories for us to re-imagine in light of a Jesus-inspired anthropology.  but here is what each of us is up against as we are marinated in western consumer culture....


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isherwood said...

after I saw this film; part of Dove's campaign

I made a small change in my interactions with kids; around Church, around town, around me at any time. I try to say something true and positive about them and to them. Everyday. Things like; "you're funny, I like that" - or "wow, you are very smart" generous, graceful, beautiful, strong, and on and on. Kids give me thousands of opportunities for me to see.

I really want them to hear at least one message a day that affirms and confirms them as one of God's treasures.

And, I'm kinda feeling guilty for my 20 years as an advertising professional....