Sunday, November 02, 2008


* if you are reading this on a computer screen, you are involved!

tonight at our gathering we focused on the democratic republic of congo.  it was a very moving time of hearing about and seeing images from this place - a horrifying litany of struggle and chaos.

we talked about the fact that we are a community of faith and action and that we cannot ignore such injustice .  we discussed the fact that all of our computers, dvd players, and mobile phones require a precious metallic ore (coltan) found in the congo.  we agreed that we are caught up in the conflict over there...when our lips and cheeks and ears touch our cell phones and our finger tips tap on a keyboard, we come into intimate contact with a war that has resulted in as many as 5 million deaths. we heard that there are at least 120 Congolese refugees in our city and some of them still have family in the middle of the violence today.  

it was a harsh reality to face that our consumerism and convenience fuels, as things are presently, an unrelenting war.  we heard the words of scripture that call the people of God to action and away from frivolous religiosity.  we signed letters to our leaders calling on renewed action to bring fairness and justice to trade.  we prayed against apathy, despair, and impotent rage.  we prayed to be more holy people, more engaged and loving citizens of a world that god so loves.

if you are interested in joining in this work here are a couple of good places to start:

for related material on christian action in darfur:

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