Monday, March 01, 2010


to all you that came for the weekend and all of the communality peeps who gave of their time and resources to host guests...much thanks!


it was a very full and blessed weekend.  yet again we are reminded that hosting a school nourishes us every bit as much as it demands.


thanks again for all the help.  check out pics from the weekend here...if you took photos and can share them with us please leave a link in the comments.  i thought this pic of our kids sharing and receiving  communion captures the spirit of mutuality and humility that permeates these schools for conversion.  i love the two little fingers (belonging to asher) reaching out from under the table.

SFC feb 2010


Haley Gambrell said...

Thank you for posting these photos. I enjoyed the SFC more than you could ever know. Thank you so much for your hospitality and the love that you showed us!

-Haley Gambrell

jeremiah said...

truly a great weekend guys. so fortunate to be there. great pics geoff!

mindy said...

ditto to Haley and Jeremiah's comments. Thanks so much for everything "y'all" =)

Anonymous said...

Awesome weekend! I'm different!
UPDATE: I've moved to an apartment in an empire-abandoned neighborhood this week and met four neighbors: Jewel the sweetest feisty old gal who lives downstairs, Kathy, AKA Cat Woman. Kathy lives in her ancient travel trailer which has no wheels because her house has been condemned by the city. She talks endlessly about fixing it up while she feeds stray cats. Chad and Lisa live on the other side.
Next week I'm staking out a claim in a community garden on an abandoned lot just down the street provided by the city garden club. And btw, my sister has 5 new chickens which should begin laying eggs in about 3 to 5 weeks. You should see her coop. It would make any Kentuckian proud.
I have commitments from three friends to join me in my ‘front’ room in worship, prayer and scripture exploration. Got bread and wine --- Now all we need are chairs. (Well, maybe.)
I don’t have a clue where this is going … I just know who is leading the way.
Love and peace to all in Lex.
Anderson, IN