Tuesday, April 13, 2010

the wisdom of stability

check out this video from jonathan about his new book.


Anonymous said...

this is a wish fantasy available mainly to those who are able to own their own homes.

billy said...


You raise a very good point about the manifold difficulties facing so many who are constantly being forced to "move on" due to lack of resources and difficult life circumstances.....it is easy for some of us, who already have relative "stability" in socio-economic and cultural terms, to talk about rediscovering "stability" and "staying put"...it is much harder for others who do not have our "privilege" and perhaps it would appear to be an offense to them...thanks for raising this point....However, I think these insights are being offered in the spirit of working together to try to address the inequalities and define what they are.....it is easy to give in to cynicism and criticism....I hope we can continue working together to find solutions even as we acknowledge our own "credibility gaps" and grieve the very real divisions among us.....thanks again for reminding us of this important distinction.