Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The phrase "practical theology" should be a redundancy

Reading this week on John Wesley's theology and came across this:

"Thus, as Wesley understood and practiced theology, the defining task of "real" theologians was neither developing an elaborate System of Christian truth-claims nor defending these claims to their "cultured despisers"; it was nurturing and shaping the worldview that frames the temperament and practice of believers' lives in the world. Theologians may well engage in apologetic dialogues or in reflection on doctrinal consistency, but ideally because -- and to the extent that -- these are in service to their more central task."

Sometimes it's difficult to remember, while in the midst of writing my dissertation, exactly what purpose it's going to serve; so I'm grateful to God for these simple, daily reminders of who I am and what I'm to be about. And I'm all the more grateful to be blessed with advisors and friends who not only agree with this, but insist upon it.


billy said...

A nice quote and indicative of what I've always loved most about Wesley's approach to theology-always linking it to the discipline of seeing believers shaped in the image and likeness of Christ....thanks for the reminder....keep going in your good work....

Anonymous said...

theology is so much better than some moses fellow who speaks to god directly. Men can think god over and help him to make sense for us today. then the truth can reflect our changing world.