Friday, December 09, 2011

Aha! The truth comes to light.........

I read this article today on MSNBC. The article highlights how much US defense contractors stand to gain from the Iraqi government buying US weapons. I thought I would post it here along with a few cartoons from Michael Leunig. Unfortunately, I couldn't find one of my Leunig favorites, the one where a massive cargo truck with "LIES" emblazoned on the side is preparing to run down a small car with "TRUTH" written on it. I thought that cartoon was really the best commentary on the above referenced article. Enjoy!


audie said...

So, you have a "cartoon" that depicts the War on Terror to being like the crucifixion of Christ. Never minding that they are essentially unrelated and very different.

But, accuracy must be sacrificed for the sake of making a point, even (and especially) if it is a bad and misleading point. I seem to have missed the parts in the New Testament where Jesus told His disciples to commit acts of terror.

So, what's next? A cartoon where the death of bin Laden is equated with the crucifixion? Can you mind someone clever enough to make them seem to be morally equivalent?

Oh, and nice little tasteless depiction of the soldiers who protect our freedoms and have provided other people with theirs, too.

What else? Oh, the one about the bomber pilot over Gaza. Wow, how low can you go? After all, it's the Palestinians who are, you know, targeting civilians with things like suicide bombers, car bombs, and morter attacks. But, hey, why not join all the rest of the world when Israel dares to defend herself and her people, right?

As you can see, not a fan, and happy for that.

John MN said...

So hard to explain my feeling after reading this post! War never bring freedom and happiness..never!

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