Saturday, May 21, 2005

Bike Lexington '05

just returned from the Bike Lexington Rally. it was a beautiful morning and a good turnout to celebrate riding a bike as an alternative way to get around (gas prices, pollution, andallthat). Also to promote a more bike-friendly city. the holy father of biking for lexington (papa BF) gives his blessing (right)

here are some pics....brooke won a prize!



ryan k said...

I am sorry to have missed that happening, especially the "safety rodeo" (contradiction in terms?) I am wondering about how I can be a safer rider, that is until bike lanes fill the land, and I can be as reckless as my nature calls me to be.

brooke said...

You know the 'ol saying: "There's nothing like a Whitaker Bank watch and ice-scraper to chase the grumpies away." Well, I happen to now own both such items, as well as several other useful novelties sporting the Whitaker Bank logo (golf balls, fake leatherman). With such an overflowing cup, I'd like to spread it around. First come, first served.

james said...

the only ol' saying like that I like to hear is "... for another Whitaker bank shot" on the radio when the Wildcats score. I never heard the one about the grumpies though.