Monday, May 16, 2005

pentecost 2.0

amazing happening at our place on friday.
sherry and isaac were upstairs. no-one was downstairs.
the door was locked but our back, kitchen window was open with only an insect screen to make a barrier between our kitchen table and the great outdoors.
someone cut the screen with a knife, reached in and took some letters perched on the table. they read the letters and then wrote this note on the back of the envelope.

the letters they read detailed some thankyou's about refugee donations and also some information about a world vision child we sponsor.

as you might gather from the note, this would-be-burgler had an attack of conscience and thought it better to repent....s/he was cut to the heart (acts 2:37).

we wish we could find this person and have them for a meal and a chat and perhaps become a friend. we are thankful for whatever grace appeared and we are hopeful we might be just as ready to turn as our would-be-guest was.


dimlightslittlecity said...

Wow. Your karma must be unreal. What a great post.

Bubba said...

in a cynical world a great moment.