Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Bleu Cheesy Advertisement

It snuck up on us-- this weekend is the annual Roots and Heritage Festival. Last year several of us enjoyed the good music, food, and seeing me wear a "FREE HOT DOGS" sandwich board during the battle of the bands.

This year, Clinton and I live just a block away from all the festivities. Except for one that is, our neighbor has informed me that she is having a Fish Fry in her front yard-- not only fish, but other things as well, including WINGS!! Anyone who knows me will understand what a dream come true it is to have wings sold right next door! I would encourage anyone who can to come and enjoy the festival and stop by Sandra's at 332 Ohio St for some good food.

Here's the menu:
Fish Dinners $6
Chicken Wing Dinners $5
Beans and Rice $3 (we got a sample of this tonight and it is yummy!)
And-egg rolls, baked beans, cole slaw, desserts and drinks

You'll have a good chance of finding me in the front yard covered with wing sauce and bleu cheese dressing!

(Title courtesy of my sweet husband!)

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