Monday, September 19, 2005

Running about like headless chickens

And... (drumroll, please...) the results of our Urbanly Challenged adventure! It left us both desperately sore after walking/jogging/missing-the-bus for three hours, and our brains hurt after multiplying Emmy nominations by former Diamondbacks players batting averages. But in the end we came to the grand conclusion of the race to discover that no, what's-her-name's father was indeed alive at the end of Scream.... blast the old Lamba Chi Alpha. Well, if we had to beat our feet sore over this whole area, the least you can do is explore the map to discover where we went.
(There's more...)

Special thanks go to Brian, Rebekah, Bill, and Mike for helping us get around, and also thanks to those who offered help (but whom we failed to call during the chaos of the morning). BTW: Next year we're going to rock this game!

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