Sunday, February 11, 2007

Frowning in February

A grey shade falls across the window panes;
it's either time for rain or for snow,
but we all know that the sun isn't shining today.
At least not here. Not in here.

Like the temperature, my mood is falling.
An imbalance in my body? Minus my soul my heart,
I'm simply a bundle of chemicals anyway.
That's not so bad, not so appalling.

I find myself frowning in February;
my mouth becomes a slide for my tears -
like a child emerging from a fort, slowly, intimidated -
until his feet hit the ground and he is absorbed.

1 comment:

billy said...


Wow, I hear you on this one. This is a great description of life in Central Kentucky about this time... February always seems like the toughest month in Lexington-cold, windy, kind of bleached out, with the salt grit cascading wind-swept over the roads. The ground is forzen solid right now.....not easy to be absorbed!