Monday, May 28, 2007

the credo community's lord's prayer

recently we visited an inner city ministry called urban seed in melbourne. they gather on tuesdays before lunch to worship and then they have a meal together. it is open to everyone and they welcome homeless folk and friends with mental illness. it is more than a safe space. it is a place where people find relationship, healing and dignity. here is their own version of the lord's prayer -

"God, our creator, provider and carer
You are the best and the fairest

We are committed to searching out and
living the way that you want us to

Help us not to worry about the future
and to share what we have with others

Forgive us when we destroy life
and teach us to create life instead

Give us courage to choose to forgive
those who hurt us

Be with us in our time of need
and help us not to give up

Our safety and life is in you"


Jeff said...

That is a beautiful organization about redemption and life. I especially like how there is no stigma with mental illnesses.

Hillary Bullock said...

I love this. Thank you for sharing. :)

billy said...

This sounds like a really wonderful place. I would really love to visit with them if possible when I come to Melbourne. I'm excited that the trip is only about a month away at this point-really looking forward to seeing you all and learning from all of the great work going on down under.