Thursday, May 10, 2007

a theology of land

sherry and i have been working on better understanding what it means to be stewards of the land. mary fisher has helped us with a reading list and we are inspired to know about the greenhouse project in lexington that some of you are working in. we feel like these issues are critical right now as climate change begins to effect how food is grown across the planet.

this article from today's melbourne newspaper (the age) touches on these questions.
from the end of the article:

"We can't allow this to be thought of strictly as an economic or technological problem. We really have to think hard ... of what kind of role we want our agriculture to play in the future," said Paul Thompson, WK Kellogg chair in agriculture, food and community ethics at Michigan State University. Regional climate change effects on land and water also mean conflicts will be complex and have to be negotiated, resolved and debated within a regional and global context.
"It's really rethinking what land is beyond simply a productive factor in producing crops. Land has become a much more precious commodity - so the question is, how do you maximise the use of the land?" Spellman said.

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