Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sunday at Eloheh

Apologies that this was not announced in our High Street Meeting, but an important note is that the Lexington crew will be joining the Jessamine County folks at Eloheh this Sunday.

Original Message from Randy Woodley:

This Sunday, June 24th from about 2 PM 'til dark we will host a Baptism/Cherokee Water Ceremony for our children, Redbird and Young and will have a feast.

We will provide the meat and non alcoholic beverages and ask that if you are able, please feel free to bring a side dish, dessert, beer, wine, etc. We will be relaxing, roasting a lamb and a goat all day, and will eat at the house at about 6 PM. The ceremony will take place at our creek at about 5PM.

Bring your lawn chairs, swimming suits, suntan oil, beach balls, etc. and have a nice day relaxing. We will set up a slip and slide, kiddie pools (and one big enough for bigger kids like the adults to cool off in), and a sprinkler to run through. We'll also have a little hayride and a place for the kids to feed and pet baby goats and lambs.

The Woodley's farm is located at 1672 Brumfield Lane, south of Nicholasville. If you are in need of detailed directions, please call Lisa or Clinton at 252-4623.

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