Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Practice of Entertaining Angels

Thanks to Jeremy, we had great conversation tonight at fellowship. This week's scripture readings dealt with issues of fear and faithfulness, entertaining angels and the sacredness of the ordinary.

I have been stuck thinking about the Hebrews verse... Don't forget to show hospitality to the stranger because some have entertained angels without knowing it.

I shared tonight how CG and I found out this afternoon that the Honduran family we welcomed is moving to California tomorrow. As I first thought about the verse, I found myself wanting to find comfort by thinking that our neighbors could have been the angels spoken of here. But then I think of those in scripture, such as Abraham, that did entertain these angels. They did not do it just on special occasion. They were able to welcome the angels because they were in the practice of welcoming foreigners. Not because they were expecting angels or looking out for something extraordinary. Hospitality was simply a core practice of their lives. Maybe they welcomed many strangers who were ordinary (and possibly even rude, unappreciative, and manipulative) but because this was what they practiced, there was an occasional angel thrown in the mix as well.

I pray I learn not to expect much before I'm in the habit of being faithful with little.

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geoff and sherry said...

thanks for this, lis.
it was so good to be back with you all and to be reminded of this kind of faithfulness in hospitality. what a remarkable group communality is. we are so glad to be home again.