Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A poem for the planters in our midst

Here is one of my favorite poems that I was reunited with just yesterday when a friend returned a book to me that I'd long since forgotten. I was on the way to the funeral celebration of an amazing lady named Sally Rogers when I received the book and read the poem. It seemed to me quite appropriate for the occasion.


by a million
wings of fire-
the rocket tore a tunnel
through the sky-
and everybody cheered.
only by a thought from God-
the seedling
urged its way
through the thicknesses of black-
and as it pierced
the heavy ceiling of the soil-
and launched itself
up into outer space-
even clapped.

Marcie Hans


eliza said...

WOW. The irony is pretty incredible. Thanks Billy.

Neal said...

Thanks Billy! That is an awesome poem that I am going to share with our community and kids! Blessings to you and your family from ours here in Oz!