Thursday, August 02, 2007

amazing grace

on our recent plane flight from melbourne to perth sherry and i watched the movie "amazing grace". this movie has been around since february...we are just a bit slow.
it was the most inspiring film i can remember seeing in a very long time. as a follower of jesus i was particularly moved. i am not ashamed to say i cried my eyes out and was completely exhausted by the closing credits. i'm not sure why i responded so fully to this movie. it might have triggered something in me that needs healing, it might have just been the right time for me to have a good sob. whatever the case, i came away with a sense of profound gratitude for the christian story and for the faithful ones who have set aside their own 'felt-needs' for the sake of the kingdom coming on earth. it is clear to me that even if wilberforce and the rest of the abolitionists had not seen fruits of their long labour, their faithfulness was a treasure anyway. please see this movie (if you haven't already) and give thanks for the ones that have gone before us. even more, i hope we can be inspired to take on the same kinds of injustices in our streets/neighborhoods/cities/world as a long-haul commitment - the cause wilberforce served took his whole lifetime (and continues today!) for a brief outline bio of wilberforce see this times online article.

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Geoff and Sherry: I apologize for using your comment section to post this, but I could not find another contact address. I am reading the book of essays about the Emergent Village in which your essay occurs and noticed that you are from Lexington. I am from Louisville and would like to know more about your community. You can contact me at Thank you. Linda