Monday, November 26, 2007

We Wait

We begin a serious of Advent reflections.  here is one from  Will Samson that was first posted last year.

Advent is here. The arrival of the Christ is upon us. We wait. And I'm really bad at waiting. If there was one negative description that would best be applied to me it would be "impatient". It's the story of my life. It defines a struggle I have dealt with from my earliest memory. I'm 41.
Yet Advent comes to us again, as it does every year. And, as always, we are reminded that we anticipate more. The first Advent of the Christ got us to this point. It brought us a living Jesus and gave us a life to imitate. The first Advent gave us the cross of Jesus to which we are called. It made resurrection a possibility, which, in turn, gives us hope for the next Advent.
And so, now, again, we wait. We hover in liminal space, always conscious that we are on the brink of something greater. We celebrate the first coming of Jesus. But I admit my inability to grasp the second.
At various points in my life I thought I had that question answered. But I'm coming to realize that it is the waiting, and the mystery, to which I have been called. Where I once thought the second Advent of the Christ could be reduced to a formula, I now find myself living in accord with those who wandered and waited for the first coming. Like the people of God before that amazing night in Bethlehem, I have no choice but to seek to be faithful to the call of God, and to live in expectancy.

"Therefore, beloved, while you are waiting for these things, strive to be found by him at peace, without spot or blemish; and regard the patience of our Lord as salvation."


Dan Lowe said...

So, I'm reading this, realizing that it's posted by Geoff and Sherry. Then I read, "I'm 41," and I'm trying to figure out which Maddock is 41, but then I realize that it was posted as one of Will's old posts. Okay, I'm catching my breath.

Blue November said...

Dude, I trust you read your seminary texts with greater attentiveness than you read this blog.

Maria Kenney said...

Aaw, cut him some slack, he was about to get engaged!