Thursday, November 01, 2007

halloween pics

some pics from halloween...thanks to the samson's for wonderful chili and hospitality.  some other pics from our little neighborhood get together.  any other community pics/stories?



bring the candy



Toño said...


Sorry for using your blog for an attempt of contact... this is not a commentary on one of your posts.

My name is Antonio, I am a 27 years old from Brazil, currently living in Dohuk, Iraq with my wife and my 2 months baby, João.

I have a friend who just read "The Irresistible Revolution" and, in his words, it reminded him of me the whole time.

He begged me to check the website and try to get in contact with Shane and the community.

I haven't read the book, but I liked and identified with most of the things I read on-line.

I also worked with homeless and marginalized people in São Paulo, Brazil... but we never got as structured as you guys are. I still have friends who do that. I also worked with street kids in Brazil, I also have friends who still do that and they are getting more organized and getting better results.

When we were helping the street kids and homeless in Brazil, we received a lot of american short termers that looked like Shane... sort of new-hippie-vegetarian-Bono-fan... We honestly hated. They were more worried about style and looking socio-economically-neo-punkish-christian-revolutionary than actually getting their hands dirty, being TRULY simple, and showing loving the people.

We are not very stilylish... I guess... We are also not very political. I guess we are truly simple minded.

One clear example was when we took some of these guys to the house of a poor lady, who cooked for them, but they wouldn't eat the food because they were "politically correct" or I don't even know what you call that, but they didn't eat meat.

So, on one side I look at Shane's pictures and I have some bad memories... Sorry about the upfront honesty.

On the other side, and that is the side that led me to write you, I guess we have a lot of common dreams.

I guess I have similar heroes... Mother Teresa, Saint Francis and most of the monastic father... And also similar experiences (I also did an internship with Christians in poor areas of India, I live in Iraq, etc). I also love communities, love simplicity... and I loved most of the things you've written on the sites.

I worked 7 years for Open Doors, but I recently resigned... but this is a long, long story that I can tell later.

We are now basically alone in the country, with a bunch of dreams and desire to be salt and light where we are.

We are looking for people who can dream with us and pray with us. This is not a metaphor to ask for money, we don't expect you guys to give us money, we REALLY, REALLY want to share our dreams and prayers with people that can be passionate about our goals and vision... and maybe you guys can identify with us...

Sorry, I don't even know if I am in the right blog. But I really would like to get in touch with Shane and the community and start a relationship... Maybe we can bless each other.

If I wrote to the wrong place, please get me in touch with Shane (I would write through normal mail if I could, but where I am, I haven't being able to send a letter yet).

Thanks for your patience,

Blue November said...


Thanks for you comments. I think many of us here resonate (and sometimes resemble) the various elements that you have seen and have lived out. I appreciate your encouragements and admonitions. We are a group of missionally minded folks in Lexington, Kentucky, and this blog is sort of a shared online presence for our community.

Our friends (including Shane) at the Simple Way in Philly can be reached at

Feel free to tag along with us here on this blog. If you'd like to follow up more personally, you can email me with the address bluenovember at