Tuesday, October 30, 2007

immigration issue in lexington

welcome the stranger

a few of us attended a 'rally' downtown this afternoon.  along with some others we wanted to show our support for fostering a spirit of welcome in our city.  it was asher's first protest.  way to stick it to the man, asher.  see the little news blurb here.

clinton has compiled a set of reflections and news items for us to look over in anticipation of the lexington fellowship gathering.  he put it well in the community list serve email:

Next Sunday the Lexington fellowship will be following up on the conversation we started last week regarding the upcoming Immigration Commission report for the city.  I've attached some of the text from the Herald Leader and News Radio 630.

As we reflect further on this, please come with a related news snippet / experience / dissertation, as well as a Scripture to frame our time together.

This is a complex issue, and we're not shooting for some definitive "resolution", but we would like to be more widely informed as a community, both by Scripture and the situation around us.

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Alana said...

Oh, man! That's just my sort of protest, too! How come you guys all get to have all the fun?