Tuesday, October 02, 2007

communality retreat 07


we had a brilliant time together on retreat in the far south-east of our state (Eolia, KY).  our time together was one of service as we worked to build a porch and attach a deck to a community center and a home.  several people also sorted donations for an upcoming thrift store sale.  go here for more information about the place we visited....and here's a brief outline from the website:

"ECCO is an MCC (Mennonite Central Committee) partner that provides clothing and emergency services to an area often referred to as "the forgotten part" of Letcher County. ECCO's ministry touches many people, serving their physical needs, and witnessing the love of Christ.  Eolia is a beautiful area of about 2500 people, and is separated from the main part of Letcher County by Pine Mountain. This physical and psychological barrier is difficult for most Letcher Countians to cross, and seems to impede county services and attention that may otherwise be available."

i have uploaded a set of pictures from the weekend.  click here or on any of the images below to see them.  thanks to all who were able to come.  special thanks to ryan for making all the arrangements.  it was a beautiful time of eating, talking, and relaxing together while also serving our kin in Appalachia. (Sherry made some notes about the weekend over here...)






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