Thursday, February 26, 2009

ash wednesday

ash wed 09

last night maria led us in a beautiful ash wednesday gathering.  she had decorated the high st house in burlap and set a table (our alter is an old trunk previously used by a missionary to india) with ashes, candles, and tree debris from the ice storm.  the place around us was rich with symbolism as we followed a liturgy that reminded us of our mortality and our limits as god-made creatures.  we now embark on the wilderness walk of lent, offering up our fasting as a sign of our sincere desire to walk in the ways of Jesus.

ash wed 09

ash wed 09


billy said...


It was a great night, appropriately somber but hopeful....these are great pictures, thanks for posting them....glad to be in solidarity with you on the fast, I definitely need the support will be a good discipline.....

Br.Jay said...

Thanks for sharing your photos and how you made your ash wednesday so personal.