Monday, February 23, 2009

divine normal

simon holt has a beautiful post at his blog.  i have clipped a quote he uses from kathleen morris.  truly inspiring.

"We want life to have meaning, we want fulfillment, healing and even ecstasy, but the human paradox is that we find these things by starting where we are, not where we wish we were.  We must look for blessings to come from unlikely, everyday places—out of Galilee, as it were—and not in spectacular events."

"I have come to believe that the true mystics of the quotidian [the commonplace] are not those who contemplate holiness in isolation, reaching godlike illumination in serene silence, but those who manage to find God in a life filled with noise, the demands of other people and relentless daily duties that can consume the self."

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Dan Lowe said...

Hey Geoff, thanks so much for this post! I went to Simon's blog, copied the entry, and have sent it to numerous folks who seem to have been encouraged by it. After reading it, I went and blogged my reflections on Simon's reflections. It was really helpful for me because I'd been thinking about similar stuff all week; it's just that Simon is so less verbose than me...LOL...Love you guys! Thanks for this, Geoff.