Thursday, June 11, 2009

affordable housing in lexington

recently, the lack of affordable housing has come to the forefront as a critical issue in lexington.  in 2008, i served on a task force formed by the mayor to create a trust fund (like 600 other cities in the U.S., including Louisville) that would provide annual funding to build and secure safe and affordable housing in our city.  the task force served the mayor a sound and reasonable commission report recommending a publicly funded affordable housing trust fund (from a local tax source that would cost a citizen something like $7/year).  the mayor said no.  and he said no at a BUILD meeting in march in front of a few thousand committed residents (some of them from communality).  in yesterday's paper there is thoughtful and informative editorial from homeless advocate and co-chair of the task force, david christiansen.  see the link here -  this is an issue we must not let drop. 

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