Sunday, June 14, 2009

Friends, old & new

There's a saying that goes, "Old friends are the best, unless you can find a new friend who's worth turning into an old one." When our friends the Psalters joined us this past Wednesday, I realized that somewhere in the last few years, they've changed categories on us. I remember meeting Scott & Jay back in 2002 at the simple way reunion, and how their music was alive & powerful in ways that were exciting. When Billy & I think back on our journey into activism & friendship with this group of folks, it's as though the Psalters have provided the soundtrack to the journey.

So, it was an unexpected treat to have them visit again on their way to play at Ichthus. Miranda & I were happy to host them, and she was delighted to gain 10 new people as playmates, if only for a day. We shared cajun food and a great, greasy meal at the Meadowthorpe Cafe, and Dove chocolates & accordian music at midnight under the stars, and in between were treated to a backyard concert that was energized in every way. Most special for me was the return of about a dozen folks from our neighborhood, who'd listened to their concert last year from across the neighbor's fence, but who joined us this year in the backyard.

So, here are some images from the evening. Many, many thanks to Mia for taking these great pics and sharing them with us. And thanks to everyone who joined us and brought food and made the night so much fun.



billy said...

It looks like everyone had a great time.....I'm really sorry that I missed it, hopefully we can do it again next year..the pictures are really great and I the scrolling sideshow is especially cool....perhaps you can teach me how to do that....Looking forward to being home on Wed. and back in the rhythm of life...

maria said...

Mia did the slideshow, isn't it awesome? Maybe she'll teach both of us!

Godsgal said...
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Godsgal said...

Hey Billy and Maria,
I am glad you like the pics, it was a really special night- I kept thinking how much my husband would have loved the music and atmosphere- thank you for opening your home so we could all share in the blessings of the night.
It is pretty easy to make the pictures scroll- place < marquee > and then paste your picture codes,(using a site like flicker or photobucket) and end with < / marquee > (no spaces-it wouldn't let me post this with) as long as you do not have any break html - < br > (no spaces)
- in the links of pictures it will scroll for you. **If you bulk upload to and grab the link for all of them there WILL be breaks**- ENJOY!