Friday, September 18, 2009


as we continue to reimagine the church and foster missional living in community i found this post from Simon Cross in the UK really helpful.  i found it personally challenging and comforting. just this week i was commiserating with a colleague about the frustration that comes when you don't have the rhythm of office hours and set tasks on a week to week basis.  along with the immensurable privilege of living out an apostolic/missional calling comes the tyranny of anti-structure.  if you are involved in a pioneering community it is well worth your time...

here's a snippet:

Pioneers often dont make good leaders, they are too driven when what is needed is stability, they are unable to pastor as sensitively as someone whose calling is to pastor. That doesnt mean however that we should duck out of service because something isnt our calling, we do need to do the hard boring stuff too,

and here is an overview of his main points:

I would go further and suggest that we need to learn a few old lessons again about ways to keep ourselves rooted and productive.

1) Manual work.

2) Study.

3) Prayer.

4) Rest.

5) Time away from screens.

6) Vulnerability to community.


salttheplanet said...

good post. this was challenging to me as i think about the new things that are going in my own life and what disciplines i need to build in from the start. thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

as a long term reader of your blog, let me just say thanks for the link, and glad to be of service. Blessings, S.