Monday, October 05, 2009


About two years ago we began an "experiment in truth" with the wonderful online micro-lending initiative called Kiva. One Horizon Foundation put up some money to create a "matching-grant" program intended to help get people involved in the work of Kiva. We had a number of people who took us up on this offer and we were able to get all of the original matching-grant funds distributed and have been diligently re-loaning the intitial capital as it has returned to us over the last two-years. I wanted to give everyone an update on our current progress and thank all those who've participated with us in this wonderful adventure of love, goodness and jubilee. Here is an overview of the totals generated by all partners in this initiative:

Total Loans: 1,088
Total Money Loaned: $28,450
Total Countries: 46
Portfolio Distribution: 70% Female 30% Male
Default Rate: about 2% overall (astonishing thus far!)

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