Saturday, January 16, 2010

how do we pray for Haiti?

Christine Sine has these helpful reflections on the terrible situation in Haiti.   Christine and Tom are wise mentors and worth listening to, especially at times such as this.

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The horrendous earthquake in Haiti on Tuesday evening has shocked all of us.  It is hard to imagine the death and devastation that it has caused – at least 50,000 dead, hundreds of thousands injured and 3 million people displaced – almost half the population of Haiti.  And of course the ramifications of this disaster will go on for a long time to come not just for those who live in this tiny country but for all those who love and care for the people of Haiti.

Both Tom and I have worked in Haiti and our hearts ache as we think of the wonderful people we have known there.  These people were already poor and struggling to keep their families alive.  What will happen now I wonder?

At times like this all of us feel so inadequate and can easily be overwhelmed into numbing paralysis as we try to get our heads around the magnitude of the horror .  It amazes me how closely connected we can be these days to what is happening on the ground in a disaster like this.  Every news channel and website, like CNN, gives us moment by moment images and stories of what is happening – which unfortunately can add to the mind numbing paralysis we feel.  We can even follow along in the blogosphere like this account from Troy Livesay – which I find preferable because it gives me a sense of real people doing real things to make a difference.

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