Monday, March 21, 2005

conversion and being saved

i spotted this amazing story at the BBC news site today. it has come to light that several asylum seekers have had their cases re-opened after they claimed to have converted to Christianity.
first of all, as an up-rooted Aussie a long way from home, i take a keen interest in keeping up with things "back home." i can't express how horribly disgusted i have been with our governments treatment of asylum seekers. to call it shameful would be an understatement.
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Aside from the particularities of the Australian case, it raises some interesting questions for Christians working with asylum seekers. without wanting to be appear course (although, i fear, failing miserably), getting saved might really get one saved! so what does it really mean to care for foreigners in our midst? how might we avoid "rice Christians?"* do we need to worry about avoiding "making rice Christians?"
what do you think?

- see this article if you're interested in some background.
- this article covers some responses from the opposition party
- here is an article where the Australian Prime Minister suggests you are not more likely to be given asylum if you claim to follow Jesus.

* "Christian missionaries in 19th-century India used to describe those who came to the mission stations simply for food as "rice Christians". This became a derogatory term for those driven to accept Christianity out of hunger rather than genuine conviction."

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