Thursday, March 17, 2005

gathering notes and pics

We had a great time last Saturday night at the Gathering. a wonderful collection of people celebrating the kingdom-coming in our city and surrounding areas. the food was plentiful and delicious and the conversations were stimulating and well informed by missional community living. Joseph (from The Rock and 12th St community) and John (from Communality) did a brilliant job organizing everything...thanks friends!

here are the "topics" covered in the various round-table discussions and the people who lead the conversation: (apologies if i get any of this wrong...)

* Surviving a Church Service Without Resorting to Violence
(Ian from Winchester)
* Let's Get Together and Feel Alright - Globalization and New Monasticism

(Billy from Communality)
* Liturgy and the Rhythm of Life

(Alan and Mark from Vine and Branches)
* Get Out Of My Face - Loving No Matter What

(Kim from 12th St Community)
* Outside the Walls...The Body has Feet

(Josh from Lexington Rescue Mission)
* Home, Home, Best Best Place - A Center for Mission

(Sherry from Communality)


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