Monday, July 25, 2005

farm trip

over a week ago, ryan and i went to a local farm to help out a bit and see where food comes from. we had planned to do a more in-depth post on food and sustainability and wedellberryesque type stuff but time marched on and before you know it we have never written anything.
so here is a short post...

in short: we believe there is something sacred about reclaiming a respect and knowledge about where our food comes from. it is our hope that we can get to know a farmer, eat the food he helps create, participate in the miracle oursleves, and somehow enter deeper into grace and gratitude.

in practice: we are growing our own food in our backyards and in urban gardens. we are investing in (buying shares - see link) and getting to know our local farmers.

you can find out more about ways to connect with your local farmers here.

ryan working VERY hard

ryan and farmer david

mountain view

goats (great milk and cheese...mmmm)

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billy said...

Ryan, Geoff, et al.

Many thanks for the way in which you are leading the rest of us into a deeper consideration about how we live our daily lives. Your post reminds me of what John Oswalt (a former Asbury O.T. prof.) always said about the Torah (the first five books of the O.T.!). He told us that one of the central purposes of the Torah was to constantly remind the people of Israel who supplied and met their needs as created beings. Therefore, at the center of the Torah, stands a deep and abiding concern and reverence for the wellsprings of our life and health, and all the daily practices that direct us toward proper worship of their Giver. From this standpoint, it is little wonder that our society has very vague ideas about how its basic needs are met, and at what cost they are met. By directing us toward these ends you are guiding us into a much deeper understanding of the Torah, and in turn our faith in Christ. So, thanks again for your life of scholarship in action, and please continue to keep us posted about how we can help.