Tuesday, July 19, 2005

from africa

This is the return of the prodigal blogger. Let me begin by apologizing for contributing absolutely nothing to the group effort over the last several aeons. But I could not resist sharing the following two e-mails that I recently received from my friend Tamale in Uganda. Some of you might remember the story of Tamale & Engle, which I shared at the footwashing ceremony during Holy Week. For of those of you who do not, Tamale is a muslim convert to Christ, disowned by his family, who chose to take into his home a little girl (Engle) who was apparently being tortured and abused by her father. Since Uganda has nothing (to the best of my knowledge) even remotely similar to child protective services, Tamale worked out a handwritten agreement with the local police precinct that gave him custody of Engle (I actually saw the agreement while in Luwafu). Tamale gave an amazing testimony at a meeting that James and I attended, saying that he felt inspired by God to take Engle into his home as a way of thanking God for all of his goodness and grace. Sadly, as the text below indicates, we have received some difficult and all too common news concerning Engle's plight. I wanted to share it as a prayer request, and as a way of helping to diffuse my own grief. I have been in recent contact with Tamale (although I'm not always as prompt as I should be), and I still have a lot of hope for this situation and for the future of our work in Africa and elsewhere. We are trying to assist he and Engle as best we can. Their plight recalls to mind for me Psalm 126, which says, "Those who plant in tears will harvest with shouts of joy. They weep as they go to plant their seed, but they sing as they return with the harvest." This is the hope to which we cling as we confront the darkness of the world with the love of Christ. Thanks.........

(An e-mail forwarded to me by Linda Hutchinson)
Dear Sir,
I would like to thank you for all you`re doing over there also to request you send my greetings to the rest of members.
It was on 28-06-05 when I finished my final exams out of which I expect good results .Engle is not good at all because if I had had money on me she was suposed to be admited in the hospital and one of the tests they carried out on her proved that she is HIV (positive ) , other people say that I should take her back to her family there is none to show her love at all , for this case I`d like to request you advise me .
May you please send the same greetings to brother Bily because he never replies when I write .
God Bless you,

(An e-mail sent to me by Tamale)
Dear Sir,

It is my pleasure to hea r that Engle and I are still close to your heart , I felt happy when you sent me such an encouraging message ; throgh Psalms 41:1-13,I thank God for using you . One of Engle`s heaviest part of life is this because in addition to being suspected of being HIV positive, they are saying she has a hole near the lunhs as a result of the severe mistreatment for which her general care is proving to be harder but I don`t have an appropriate word to use as a way of expressing my joy to you for what you are labouring to do for the better up-keep of us .
I am not a whize at mathematics but of all signs used in it , + ,x ' these have a wider room in my heart , so with you it is my joy to hear that 02-08-05 will mark the start of our love being with us .
I request you to read Jeremayah 32:2 ,andJeremayah 33:26 for madam Maria ; 25678649957 is my mobile phone number and in all things I would like to remind you that our God t6he starter of nice jobs will always acomplish them ,continue keeping us in prayer .

God Bless You ,

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