Friday, November 25, 2005

Advent I: Awake

Wake up! Rub away the comfort of drowsy eyes and take a look around. We live in a world of injustice and pain... Can you see it? Can you hear it? It echos from the groaning of the earth consumed by greed, to the cry of the refugee torn from her country, to the silence of the man sitting cold and alone on the park bench downtown.

Advent calls us to become aware of the need for healing, for hope, and for help. Advent calls us to be awakened to the need for Messiah.

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As the faithful waited for the advent of the Messiah many years ago, their longing was filled with the desperation of those on the margins. During this Advent, let's participate in that desperate expectancy by remembering and confronting the brokeness and struggle around and within us.... so awaking ourselves both to the need for and hope of God's life-renewal.

Some suggestions for action:
  • Fast this week... skip lunch, or simply eat rice and beans for supper. Remember those for whom choosing what or whether to eat is not an option.
  • Donate time and money saved by fasting to the Catholic Action Center or Lexington Rescue Mission
  • Sit outside for an hour... on your porch, in the park, whereever. Experience the cold and remember those with whom you share this hour.
  • Donate a pair of gloves and a winter hat to Kentucky Refugee Ministries as they welcome folks relocating to Lexington who are not used to the cold of winter.
  • Particiapte in World AIDS Day, learning more about the effects of HIV/AIDS and what you can do.
  • Post your own action or experience below...

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geoff said...

thanks for posting this, CG. and thanks to melanie for inspiring our communal advent rituals.

i'll be posting some more about the world aids day gathering at the high st house (thursday, december 1st).