Tuesday, November 08, 2005


we've been listening to this song called "breathless" by nick cave...a stunning hymn/love song (same thing really..if it's done right). i took this picture when our household went for a walk at raven's run on saturday as part of our celebrations for laura's birthday.
the picture, the song, a sunny autumn day, and the miracle of each human life came together for me. they made a 'thin place' - a flip side to "day of the lord" doom-and-gloom scriptures in recent lectionary readings. (don't get me wrong...this may well be the right time for doom and gloom but i just needed a break)

The sky of daytime dies away
And all the earthly things they stop to play
For we are all breathless without you
I listen to my juddering bones
The blood in my veins and the wind in my lungs
And I am breathless without you
Still your hands
And still your heart
For still your face comes shining through
And all the morning glows anew
Still your soul
Still your mind
Still, the fire of love is true
And I am breathless without you

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