Thursday, February 09, 2006

the food we eat

in our 3rd st tribe we have been talking about food as a location for holy reflection and action. we are excited to get involved with a local farmer and help grow some of the food we eat (alongside tending to our own gardens). we have wondered about these things in relation to wider consumption (oil, gas, clothing,...'stuff'). much of this has been sparked by our reading of Jeremiah 29 (LIVE!, PLANT!, BUILD!, GIVE!). we are challenged to 'seek the welfare of the city' by living in sustainable and generous ways.

while looking into issues of food consumption i came across this story at NPR and found about this wonderful book - Hungry Planet - What the World Eats
check out the following pictures from the book...these a families posing with what they eat in a week. these are some of the most beautiful pictures i have ever seen - they manage to capture the glory and fragility of being human. (for details about each picture see the NPR story link).


ryan k said...

I think I have seen this book. I recall being a bit ashamed of what our (mine & Jodie's) might look like--more packages and processed stuff than I'd like to admit. Now that we share space with the Samsons I'll bet we could fill the frame with some culinary rock stars. A recent example: jambalaya, with special guest, Miller High Life.

DH said...

I have been reading your blogs for a while and would love to be a part of what you all are studying about with regards to farming and sustainable living. Where do you all meet and is it open to the public?

geoff said...

hey DH,
thanks for taking an interest through our blog. we meet on sunday mornings at 9am for breakfast in downtown Lex. this is our weekly gathering and you would be more than welcome. email me at and i'll hook you up with directions. looks like you could teach us a lot given you masters work and reading in agriculture. we also love berry, merton, et al.
talk soon,