Tuesday, February 21, 2006

ramblings about the family reunion

after driving us through the night in a wounded vehicle (dodgy right front tire...deflating and wobbling in alarming ways), our courageous driver (Will) got us home safe'n'sound early (5am-ish) Sunday morning.

It was a wonderful weekend of reunion with people practicing various styles of 'new-monasticism.' we were kindly hosted by our old friends chris and laura lahr. chris gave us a 'reality tour' of Kensington and surrounding neighborhoods. we saw poverty and urban decay on a scale i hadn't witnessed in a so-called developed nation. much of our time with those gathered for the reunion was spent eating together and connecting with old and new friends. it was one of the more diverse conversations i have been a part of in the wider emerging church/nu monastic gatherings; a beautiful mix of race, age, family shapes (singles, marrieds, kids).

we talked and talked about living in community (how to survive, what about kids?, etc) and alternative economics (health care options, relational tithe, micro-business, etc.) we also spent a good deal of time making plans for the PAPA fest event in June...more to come about this.

check out Will's photo album for some pics.
also see Mike's summary of the weekend...much better than this one

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