Friday, February 17, 2006


i'm here in Philadelphia for the Family Reunion with a little cohort from Communality - Will, Billy, Maria, Miranda, and Dan (we're glad that each of our 3 fellowship groups are represented this year). we're staying with the wonderful Lahr tribe while we attend the gathering and we're looking forward to hearing/seeing what God is up to in the various households of faith represented.

Here's a clip from the Simple Way website about the Family Reunion and Papa Fest:

The Family Reunion
Every year we host a gathering here in Philly of friends, sister communities, and old housemates... a little family reunion. We're trying to keep this intimate (less educational) so we can catch up and conspire a little, so we'll be sending invitations and hosting it cozily out of our homes. But we love the fact that there is a stinking movement emerging (there were over 100 folks at our reunion last year) so we have decided to host another gathering this summer called PAPA Fest, a mega-family-reunion of sorts - where we can gather en masse to learn, play, rock-out, and camp.

Some of you are aware and some are not… a summer gathering is in the works – P.A.P.A Festival – June 23-25, 2006. The People Against Poverty and Apathy Festival will be a convergence of communities and movements coming together to share, dream, and create together. Several hundred folks from across the country will be camping out in the hills of TN in a little village of subversive friendships to conspire together in learning workshops, roundtable talks, over campfires, and on hikes through the woods. The PAPA Fest has emerged again, after several years of feeling the itch to gather a larger group of friends and communities, more than we can accommodate at the annual “Family Reunion” hosted each February in Philly. We hope to have folks from a variety of dazzling circles of hope – from the Community of Communities and new monasticism, the Christian Community Development Association, Emergent, Jesus Radicals, the Relational Tithe, Ekklesia Project… So this is a mega-Family Reunion of sorts.

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