Saturday, May 06, 2006

democracy in our town

it's that time...primary elections coming up. this message from our friend Dave at the KFTC.

For those of you who are registered to vote in Lexington, We have now officially launched our Kentuckians For The Commonwealth (KFTC) Lexington Election website that can be reached at or

The Election is just a short way away on Tuesday, May16th, so it's time to do some research and find outwhere candidates stand on the issues. This is a crucial election for such issues as local ownership of water, living wage, etc. and a small number of votes can make a BIG difference!

The voter turnout for the 2004 primary in Fayette County, for example was only 14%, so a few voices can really make an impact! Please visit our website and get it out to as many other Fayette Countians as possible. Send it to friends, email listservs, and blogs so that everyone can make an educated vote on May 16th. Again, that website address is

Visit often, as it will continually be updated between now and May 16th as candidates send information to us. Also, KFTC is having phone backs, mass-postcard mailings, door-to-door events, etc. between now and the election so I hope you decide to get involved.
- Dave Newton
Kentuckians For The Commonwealth


ryan k said...

Thanks for posting this--I have been looking for something like this. I am assuming that this is a "no spin" zone. I know you don't care because you tend to vote from your gut.

geoff said...

my gut says you're right. and if you feel like you might be wrong....look it up in your gut. looking things up in books is for the birds.

for those of you (understandably) confused and irritated by this repartee see
concerning the very funny address given by colbert at the White House Correspondents dinner

billy said...


As always, thanks for taking the time to connect us in a deeper way to the life of our city. It is astounding to me to hear such low turnout percentages. I think that many of us long to see the death of the 80/20 rule (or whatever that principle is called that says 20 percent of the people usually do eighty percent of the work)......but that is not an easy thing to overcome. The ashram has really become a thing of beauty, a ray of hope, and this is another great example. You have my vote.......

Anonymous said...


Thanks so much for posting this! I was visiting the site to send out a news release to all the cool local blogs and here you've already beat me to it and have it online. Many thanks.

- Dave