Monday, May 15, 2006

use your vote

tomorrow we vote!
if you are eligible PLEASE make the effort to participate in this process. as a community we are committed to the common good - to the shalom of our city (remember Jer. 29?). there are many ways to seek the welfare of lexington...the jury might still be out about the efficacy of the political route but whatever we think about it there seems to be little doubt that local politics matters.
here's a friendly reminder from Dave at KFTC.


KFTC Members and Allies,

I wanted to remind everyone that the Primary Election
is TOMORROW (Tuesday, May 16th) and polls are open
from 6am to 6pm everywhere in Kentucky.

If you live in Lexington, you can visit the KFTC
Lexington Election website to find out much more about
who's running and where they stand on important issues

No matter where you live, take a moment to educate
yourself on the candidates and VOTE on Tuesday because
a small number of votes can make a BIG difference!

The voter turnout for the 2004 primary in Fayette
County, for example was only 14%, so a few voices can
really make an impact!

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