Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Fire and other stuff (aka psalters at the Browns')

Last night with the psalters was even better, if possible, than the night before. Some 30 people gathered at the Browns' home for hamburgers, fresh fruit, ice cream floats and a great jam session. There were folks from the neighborhood, some Nepalese guys with their drums (one a friend of WIll Talbot), a fellow from Azerbijan, Josh (one of our Golfview neighbors), and some Communality folks. It was a lot of fun. The psalters brought out the "big drum" and the cello.

Towards the end, there were four or five other drums in the jam. Great improvisation.

They also brought out these little pots of fire on chains, which Abigail and Hannah swung in time with the drums. It was really cool.

Also, their new CD arrived today, with a pretty incredible hymnbook-esque cover and original artwork. It's great.

Thanks to our friends for spending some time with us! And props to the Browns for making it happen!!


billy said...


Thanks for taking the time to create this post chronicling two great nights of fun and sharing. Having the Psalters visit with us was special, and it was made even more special by the Brown's willingness to have there home invaded at a moments notice in the cause of fun. I never cease to be amazed by their willingness to throw their home open for parties, guests, and nomads. I hope that we can make this happen again next year........PAPA fest should be a great follow up

Anonymous said...

It sounds like we are missing all the excitement back home! I can't wait until we are home to share in more memories of the Brown's backyard.

We miss you all!
Lisa and Clinton

Marie Eldridge said...

Sorry I missed all the fun!