Monday, June 26, 2006

When Is It Okay to Start Hoping?

Something Billy said this evening (I'd give you the context but I was only half listening) made me think of the following words from Tommy Merton:

Hope is always just about to turn into despair, but never does so, for at the moment of supreme crisis God's power is suddenly made perfect in our infirmity. So we learn to expect His mercy most calmly when all is most dangerous, to seek Him quietly in the face of peril, certain that He cannot fail us though we may be upbraided by the just and rejected by those who claim to hold the evicence of His love (p. 201, No Man is an Island).


geoff said...

nice quote, ryan.
i think hoping is one of the most counter cultural things we can do right now. it is dangerous for two reasons. hoping implies there is a future worth caring about and it admits things are not okay as they are. i appreciate the hope you show us and i'll ask you, dear sir, to keep hoping when some of us more cynical ones fail to seek Jesus 'in the face of peril.'

billy said...


I'm not sure what it was that I said.......but whatever it was I'm glad that it encouraged you to share this. Life is good, hope is good, and living in hope is certainly the best thing for all of us. I've really enjoyed the Merton meditations that you and Jody have been posting to the blog in recent weeks. They have been encouraging for me; but even more than that you have been an encouragement to me and I hope that your time away has been great. Look forward to seeing you soon.....