Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Worship like you mean it!

Well, we had a fabulous time last night with the folks from psalters. The High Street House was filled with pizza, conversation, and really incredible worship and sung proclamation of the Word. It was so intense that a guy from the restaurant on the corner came down and ended up in the drum circle!

They are new-ish friends from our connections in Philly. They have chosen a life of nomadicism, reminding us in the Church not to sink our roots too deep in this land which is, after all, only a temporary home. (Scott said it much better last night.) They are smart and fun and down to earth, and it's great to be able to host them as they prepare for their gig at Ichthus. We'll also be able to hang out with them next weekend at PAPAfest.

Thanks to everyone who came out last night and participated in the worship and fun. For round 2, join us tonight at the Browns. You won't be disappointed. These folks rock.

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